Brent Cross

Station sign at Brent Cross

Brent Cross shopping centre

Lines served: Northern (Edgware Branch)

Fare Zone: 3

Tenuous link alert! Tenuous link alert!

Ah androids. Aren't they great? You just have to love that whole 'aspire to be human' vs 'benefits of being able to lift people 2 metres off the ground without even flinching' battle that's going on in their positronic nets.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the resident android was one Commander Data, played by one Brent Spiner. And word has it that he's not very happy with the quality of this link at all. Some have even claimed he's seething. Well if that is the case, then there is just one thing we can do...

Did you see what I did there?

What's there?

Some houses. Some very big and very wide roads. Oh and a shopping centre that loads of people rave about, but in reality, has almost nothing worthwhile inside it. Still, the bus station looks nice.

Where next?

It's time to hop back on the tube, so go to the southbound platform. If you're not on a Bank Branch train, you'll need to change platforms at Camden Town. And the place you're going to? Well none other than Moorgate.

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